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Members Visits and Processes

The films below are first featured on Design Insider and keep you updated with any manufacturing and general film clips from visiting our members. If you would like to view all of our featured videos, click here.


We visited BCFA Member Harrison Spinks to explore their farming and manufacturing facilities in Leeds. We took a walk through Hornington Manor where we saw the live stock and hemp factory and then explored their manufacturing plant where we learnt about the craftsmanship and tradition that goes into every bed they make.
We interview designers at Northern Lights and film clips from the the laser cutter operator at their manufacturing plant in Chesterfield.
Yvonne Smith is the archivist at Brinton's Carpets, we interviewed her about how carpet design has changed and the inspiration we can draw from looking back at traditional design.
We took a visit to BCFA Member GX Glass' factory in Kent. On the visit, we got to see their new ceramic printing machine, which can print almost anything onto glass and have a very durable finish.
We met with BCFA Member Anthology's head designer, Louise Draper on how she got into design as well as the beading process. Louise talks us through her inspiration and the collections within Anthology.
Managing Director Jeremy and Membership Manager Mary went to visit BCFA members Astro Lighting at their opening of their Headquarters.
Managing Director Jeremy and Membership Manager Mary went to visit new BCFA members Global Upholstery at their factory.
The BCFA went to visit Knightsbridge Furniture in Bradford, part of the visit was a fascinating tour around the factory.