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REVIEW: Gerflor CPD, Surface Design Show

Whilst visiting the Surface Design Show this year (Click here to read review), we attended a CPD talk by BCFA member Gerflor, on the topic of ‘New 2018 Trends and Collections for the Imaginative Mind’. The talk was hosted by the Creative Director of Gerflor, Gino Venturelli on the topic of ‘Colour Trends in 2018’.

Gino explained in detail where the main inspiration from trends for Gerflor first came from, as well as the creativity behind the products. The talk was unique and there was a lot of passion through explaining each of the trends which really opened up the creative mind. The main motive throughout the entire CPD was to develop the mind to go further than just adapting the digital world, the idea of ‘going back to the roots’ was encouraged. The trends mentioned were as followed:

This trend is highly influenced by ‘romance’ and ‘fashion’, featuring surreal elements from designers. It is a mix between concepts and nature, using the outside world for inspiration. The trend is looking to ‘tell a story’ within the theme and the colours connected.

This theme is inspired by architectural concepts, and is becoming extremely popular within the industry. The products in this category are based around geometric shapes which is beginning to be used within the lighting and furniture companies. This trend pushes the creative boundaries and is completely unrelated to the imitation of natural materials.

Retro Now
The retro theme is an interesting one, as they tend to repeat themselves over the course of the years. Retro takes us back to the past with inspiration from styles, fashions or objects. Gino described the theme as ‘cool vintage with an element of gothic’. This style has become incredibly popular amongst contemporary living.

This theme essentially ‘does what it says on the tin’, takes us back to the roots. Back to the origin, for example, a piece of wood, but without the finishing, as it is in its natural element. It shows we need to start going back, and producing products whereby you can touch it in its natural form. The theme is a reminder about where we come from and who we are. It is an incredibly powerful metaphor of a trend.

Tropical Glam
Tropical Glam is all about being vibrant, with overtones, as well as refraining from being too garnish. There is an exotic element, bringing the outdoors, inside. The main colour used within these products is green, especially on wallcoverings and floorings. It gives a sense of tropic, on an inside bringing the room to life.

The trends show that Gerflor is always keeping up to date with the latest in the industry, as well as constantly developing in terms of their collections. They travel far and wide in search of these trends, to expand their knowledge and creativity through the inspiration of other countries. The collections above show that is is not all about digital, you can still keep the creativity naturally.

To view the full New 2018 Trends and Collections, click here to download a detailed copy of the CPD talk. Or for more information, click here to contact Gerflor