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BCFA Networking

BCFA networking and social events provide our members the opportunity to gain valuable information on the current market, meet like-minded business people from within our industry, the end users, designers, hotel owners and non-competitive suppliers at professionally organised events at prestigious venues around the UK.

Below is a short film showing you the atmosphere of the events and what the attendees think of the BCFA networking events:

Types of Events

Formal Networking ­ seated events such as the annual luncheon or seminars. Fully badged with guest list available on the day.
Informal Networking ­ social events, primarily standing with nibbles/canapés/buffet style food, usually held in a hospitality venue such as a pub, club or hotel. Badging provided as sticky labels, full name and company name, guest list will not be provided for attendees.
Business Forums BCFA led events aimed to educate the industry on key matters our members want to hear about. 
Exhibitions ­ The BCFA support and endorse a number of exhibitions run and owned by third party exhibition companies. The purpose of BCFA endorsement is either to provide preferential rates for our members or to enable us to lobby/influence the service that is provided to the exhibitors/BCFA members.

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BCFA Networking How It Works & Rules of Engagement


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