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BCFA Networking How it Works

The aim of BCFA networking is to improve the business prospects of members. To ensure that networking events continue to be effective, popular, enjoyable and ultimately sustainable we provide the following ‘rules of engagement’ as guidance.

Purchasing Places

All networking events have a minimum requirement for the number of places purchased. This is to ensure thatall members bring guests. Members are expected to allocate no more than half the places purchased to their staff. Places at any event cannot be confirmed without full payment and a provisional guest list. Ticket purchases are not refundable.

If on the provision of the guest list it is found that only members staff are attending these tickets will be cancelled.


Guests should be existing or potential customers. Tickets should not be purchased on behalf of other companies.  It is possible that guests are potential members as well as customers. In this case the function of the guest should be in the procurement of the member’s products and not in a front line sales role. This is a guideline for members but the BCFA reserve the right to question the role of members guests if a conflict of interest is apparent.

Guest Lists

Members will be asked to provide their companies provisional guest list at the point of purchase (if available). Please note that we strongly recommend that potential guests are invited prior to or immediately after the purchase of tickets. We have found that this generates the best attendance and lowest cancellations by guests.

Lists should include the guests’ full name and company name. Final confirmed guest lists must be provided by the deadline indicated on the booking form (usually the week prior to the event) and by email to minimise errors on badging. Guest lists are confidential and will not be distributed prior to or at events or shared outside of the BCFA office.

At the Annual luncheon printed guest lists are only available on the day and will include the name and company of the guest but not which company they are the guest of.


Formal Events ­ printed badges are provided for every attendee with full name and company name. If appropriate table numbers are indicated on the reverse.
Informal Events ­ simple sticky labels are normally provided showing full name and company name. NB Some venues may prohibit badging such as casinos and members clubs.


The BCFA do not normally provide tickets for events. Entry is by name on guest list.


If a member is unsure whether an event is suitable for their company the BCFA office staff are available to provide independent and confidential advice.