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The British Contract Furnishing Association is an Accredited Trade Association and Trade Challenge Partner (TCP) working in partnership with the UK Department of International Trade and has been organizing British groups to selected interiors and Design exhibitions worldwide for the past 25 years.

During this time the BCFA has taken groups to attend events in Europe, India, the Middle East, China, Russia, South Africa and the USA.

BCFA continues to help new and established exporters to explore vital emerging markets overseas which in turn benefit the UK economy.

The BCFA offers

  • Market and contact information
  • British groups in prime locations at prestigious shows worldwide
  • Tradeshow Access Programme funding to eligible UK companies at selected exhibitions see
  • Organisation and management of cost-effective, well designed UK shell schemes.
  • Advice and help from experienced team members
  • Cost effective consolidated UK freight packages
  • Full on-site assistance and support for British Groups
  • PR and British Group Guides to promote exhibitors
  • Liaison with DIT officials in posts overseas.

The BCFA Export Seminars/ Webinars

The BCFA runs export seminars on current and emerging markets, bringing together experts to provide UK companies with essential help and guidance to achieve successful outcomes. 

For further information, please email