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Mary-NanneryMary Nannery - Head of Marketing and Membership

Mary looks after all membership issues recruiting new members and looking after existing, she also manages our very popular networking events, regionally and the spring and summer events in London. Mary also researches the weekly newsflash for members.

Mary has a Bsc in Economics from University College London. She has worked fairly exclusively in marketing. Starting as a marketing assistant at a kitchen furniture manufacturer and then in product management for a number of confectionery manufacturers including Trebor and Cadbury's. Mary has also worked within the charity and public sectors in marketing and research management roles.

Mary has been at the BCFA since 2006 providing marketing and membership support services for members, initially managing and developing the web sites, social networking activities, brand identity and publishing the members' directory now Design Insider. Now Mary manages and promotes members events for the association, keeps members informed of the latest opportunities, researches the weekly newsflash and is  responsible for recruiting and supporting new members. Mary is also your contact for advertising in the Annual Members Directory, Design Insider.

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