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BCFA Code of Practice

BCFA Members are required to agree to the full code of practice in the link below. However membership is not automatic; all applications must be ratified by the BCFA Council. To receive further details please complete the enquiry form available on the "Application form" page.


Acceptance of the Code of Practice is a pre-requisite of BCFA membership and must be signed by a Director of the member company or any company applying for membership prior to its acceptance. The BCFA may on request, require each year, prior to the renewal of membership, updated information of the member’s status with regard to financial results, accreditations and changes in the company structure and that they continue to meet the criteria for membership.

The code is based on best practice in all commercial operations and adherence to legal and ethical guidelines.

Members of the BCFA shall conduct their business in a manner that will encourage the respect of clients, fellow members, the interior design and contract furnishing industry and the general public. It is the individual responsibility of every Member of the BCFA and of their employees 

Purpose of Code

  • To ensure that customers of BCFA members can have total confidence in the ability of BCFA members to meet their obligations to their trading partners and operate at the required standards of the Association.
  • That customers of BCFA members can be assured that their suppliers meet all relevant UK standards as a minimum with regard to durability and safety.
  • To reassure potential customers of BCFA members that they can expect the highest levels of service.
  • To ensure that customers of BCFA members can be confidant that their products have been manufactured and traded ethically. 
  • To ensure that all BCFA members are fully aware of the obligations of membership regarding the supply and manufacture of product s and services.
  • To ensure that all BCFA members are fully aware of the obligations of membership with regards to upholding the reputation and good name of the Association and fellow members

Download Code of Practice