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Companies wishing to join the BCFA must be able to meet the eligibility for membership criteria and also commit to the BCFA Code of Practice. It is very important that you ensure that your company can comply before making an application to join the association.

The full eligibility criteria are provided in detail in the Code of Practice.

The Application Process


Policies & Procedures 

Is your organisation able to meet and abide by the full Code of Practice 



Complete the application form, which should include two customer references and 

a referee from within the current BCFA membership. 

A full list of members can be found in

Product Finder


Send off application together with appropriate payment and documentation (see 

application form) including a signed copy the Code of Practice. 



We will confirm receipt of application and appropriate payment 



We will confirm your reference with your referees 


BCFA Council 

We inform BCFA Board & Council of application and request approval 

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On approval you will receive your 
membership certificate, the full code 
of practice,a copy of the BCFA logo 
together with instructions for its use 
for your marketing materials. 

Non - Compliance 

Should your application be 
unsuccessful your payment will be 
refunded in full.