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Q&A Session with Toby Morris, Newmor

We sat down with Newmor's Managing Director Toby Morris to talk about business, exporting and his predictions for the future.

Briefly explain what Newmor do? And how it all started?

The Newmor Group was established in 1967 by my Grandfather John Morris and his two sons. My cousin James and I are very fortunate to have the opportunity to run the business today.

Newmor Wallcoverings has grown to be the largest family-owned commercial wallcovering manufacturer in the UK, we operate in over 60 countries worldwide with regional offices in Poland, Germany, Dubai, Singapore and Hong Kong.

We design, manufacture and distribute from our specialist facility in mid-Wales. Our expertise is in creating beautiful and durable textured vinyl wallcoverings for commercial markets, in addition we have launched a successful residential brand, John Morris in recognition of my grandfather. We manufacture using both traditional gravure and digital technology.

Is it important for you to manufacture in the UK? If so, why?

It makes absolute sense to manufacture in the UK given we have decades of collective experience in design and manufacturing. I cannot underestimate the importance of a skilled and experienced workforce.

Having our own manufacturing facility and dedicated design studio in one location allows us to offer our clients much greater flexibility in custom design, product specification and efficient delivery.

How has manufacturing changed and what have you done to stay ahead?

We invest heavily in all aspects of our business and see the trend towards bespoke design continuing. I feel Newmor is extremely well placed to continue to meet the requirements of our market.

How important is it to reach the international markets for Newmor? And how did you manage to set up international offices? Any difficulties?

Over the last 15 years our clients have become increasingly international, so establishing regional offices was essential in supporting the development of our global business. In addition to the UK, we have offices in Poland, Germany, Dubai, Singapore and Hong Kong. Establishing international offices requires significant investment, one of the most important aspect of running a regional structure is recruiting good people, many of whom have been with us from the inception of these regional offices.

Newmor also distribute through a network of agents, we currently reach around 60 counties with plans for further expansion.

If you would like to find out more information about exporting, please visit our export page or contact Sue Graves - 

What makes Newmor Successful?

All the people at Newmor make it successful.  We have an experienced team, some have worked in the business for over 40 years and many for over 20 years. I have a excellent management team who are incredibly talented and enthusiastic, so I am confident in being able to meet the demands of our growing markets.

What do you see coming up as the next development in wallcoverings?

I see the continued advancement of digital solutions. The demand for custom design increasing in all our markets, particularly within the hospitality sector. Our design and manufacturing facility is extremely well placed to offer bespoke solutions. Products can be tailored to individual project specifications, all designed and manufactured efficiently using our custom technologies in our manufacturing facilities in mid-Wales.


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