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Q&A with Alistair Gough, OCEE Design

British Furniture Manufacturer, Ocee Design, has announced the purchase of Danish Manufacturer Four®Design, with the creation of the Ocee International Group. We interview Alistair on the topic of their international move...

Alistair invested in Ocee Design in 2010 and joined as Managing Director to drive the company forward. With a background in the paper industry, Alistair brought a fresh approach to Ocee, taking it from primarily a manufacturer of task chairs, to a significant player in the UK furniture market. 

Overseeing the complete transformation of the product portfolio, as well as the sales, marketing and manufacturing functions, Alistair has led a skilled and enthusiastic team. Ocee has more than tripled in size in 6 years and the recent Acquisition illustrates the ambition and scope of the growing company.  


First off, massive congratulations of your acquirement of Four Design! What are you most looking forward to from this international move?

We are looking forward to combining the expertise and capabilities of both companies in order to develop further a proposition that that adds value to our customers. The work place continues to develop and evolve and Ocee International strives to be a company that anticipates customer requirements and develops smart solutions. Having a UK and Scandinavian design influence within the group is a fantastic strength that will enable us to be relevant and add value to our global customer base.

Alistair Gough of OCEE and Ervin Keldorff the CEO of FourDesign

What are the biggest changes you have seen in the last 6 years at OCEE?

The major change at Ocee Design during the last 6 years has been the transformation of our product range. This has enabled us to be more relevant and valuable to a much wider segment of the market. The investment in our soft seating portfolio, The Four Cast & Four Sure product range and most recently our ergonomics and acoustics solutions demonstrate the advance the company has made during this period. The development of the team and the investment in marketing has repositioned the market perception of the company.

The Harc booth from Ocee

How are you hoping Four Designs will help OCEE in terms of future developments? 

Four Design will bring its innovative solution based thinking, Scandinavian design influence and its international trading expertise and infrastructure.

FourSure 44 chairs with table and partition from FourDesign 

This is a huge time for OCEE Design, however also the industry in general due to the EU Referendum. How do you think this will affect your European activities?

Having both UK and E.U. based companies will enable Ocee International to trade freely in two of the most important markets in the world irrespective of the ultimate trade agreement reached between the UK and the E.U. It will also enable the group to utilise both the UK and E.U. trade agreements with other international markets to its best advantage. Ocee has performed very well in the UK market over the last few years despite the economic challenges. Having a true international footprint reduces the impact of the cyclical nature of individual markets and therefore provides a more stable and robust business platform. 

For more information on the international acquisition click here or to contact OCEE Design, click here