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In this section, we include seminars from key individuals in the industry who cover topics such as Social Media, Copyright Protection and growing trends within the industry. In 2016, we also held our first BCFA Inspire Event, where there were a number of key speakers covering a variety of topics relevant to the current industry. We feature the films from all speakers at the event below. 

BCFA Inspire 2016

We sum up the evening with a highlights film below, giving you a taster of how the evening went, and what to expect at our next BCFA Inspire event...

Peter Abraham- WeAreCrank

Peter Abraham from WeAreCrank took us through a journey of discovery, looking at how the latest apps and websites are disrupting the established players in a range of secors. Peter then explored how BCFA members can learn from these examples and start to develop their own digital platforms for the contract sector. Check out the full film below...

Dr Craig Knight- Founder of Haddleton Knight

Dr Craig Knight took us through office design over the last 150 years and based on peer reviewed research, he looked at what 'good design' actually means, and how designers can learn from 'wellness' in the care sector. Check out the film below to find out more...

Cath Bishop- Former World Champion and Olympic Silver Medallist and Olympic Rower

Cath Bishop covered the topic of achieving goals under pressure, taking us through her experiences of loss and elation in her rowing and diplomat career. She explored how members can use clarity, constant learning and collaboration to develop high performance teams. Check out the video below...

Social Media - Intergage

Paul Tansey from Intergage took us through some of the latest trends in social media and gave us a glimpse into the future of social media. Social marketing is a part of life and is here to stay; find out what you need to be doing to get the best result for your business.

Copyright Laws - ACID

Dids Macdonald from ACID considered the IP Bill and implications to designers and manufacturers. Best practice and compliance including preventive action and responses to copying.

Business - Ocee Design

Alistair Gough from Ocee Design covering how companies can develop their businesses, how to succeed with strategic alliances, entering new markets, developing new products, getting finance, building teams.


If you have any suggestions of subject matters we could cover in the future, please do follow the link to the Members Business Forum page in Education.