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The New Landscape of Work

The New Landscape of Work
In businesses around the world the workforce is changing. The expectations of workers are changing, how work gets done is changing, the tools of work are changing and the work itself is changing, there is a new landscape of work. This seminar looks at approaches to managing our work, the tools and technologies that enable us, and the places where we come together to do it. It will help architects to understand and develop the following areas:
  • Understand the latest thinking on design issues
  • Understand how to implement the latest design practices more effectively to provide a human centred approach
  • Improve architects ability to recognise client’s individualistic needs
  • Enable architects to design more sustainable and tailored workplaces 
  • Understand how to ask the right questions regarding todays working practices and be better equipped to talk to clients about workplace issues


Knowledge level: General Awareness
Type: Seminar
Duration: 1 Hour
Cost: £0.00
Regions Covered: Nationwide

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