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BCFA Business Webinars – Surviving Covid 19 - The Human Resource Impact - What comes after the furlough scheme?

Covid-19 poses a huge risk for businesses threatening the survival or many. Any crisis such as this however creates opportunities as well as threats. The companies that do survive will be those that are agile and can react and adapt.

This series of webinars has been arranged by the BCFA to help its members look to the future as they work through the challenges that Covid-19 has thrust upon all businesses.

The 4th webinar in the series was on the topic of The Human Resource Impact - What Comes After The Furlough Scheme?

Mark Spragg, Managing Director of Where Now Consulting was joined by Laura McKnight from Macdonald Henderson, who is an employment law specialist, and Caroline Donaldson from Kynesis, a specialist in organisational development.

Watch the full webinar below: