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BCFA Business Webinars – Surviving COVID-19: Retaining Your Customers and Maximising Opportunities for the Future

Covid-19 poses a huge risk for businesses threatening the survival or many. Any crisis such as this however creates opportunities as well as threats. The companies that do survive will be those that are agile and can react and adapt.

This series of webinars has been arranged by the BCFA to help its members look to the future as they work through the challenges that Covid-19 has thrust upon all businesses.

The webinars are free to members and will focus on key issues facing businesses as they start to plan for the future helping BCFA members to have the right skills and expertise to adapt, survive and thrive

Our second seminar focused on Retaining Your Customers and Maximising Opportunities for the Future.

The session was hosted by Mark Spragg, Managing Director, Where Now Consulting Ltd. He was be joined by Mr Gordon White – Managing Director of Fatbuzz. Fatbuzz are an advertising and media agency that bring together online and offline tools to build brands. Mark was joined by Ramsay Smith, Director of Media House, former senior editor of The Daily Mail, who specialises in crisis management.

Listen to the full webinar below. *Please note we slightly lose the connection at around 8 minutes 45 seconds for around 1 minute. Please see below a short description of the part which was impacted by the technical fault*

If there are areas that are concerning you regarding your business, please reach out to Jeremy and the team. This helps the BCFA ensure that its support is relevant to its members. Also, if there are specific business topics you would like to delve deeper into, let us know and we will look to build these into future webinars.

Let’s now turn our attention to retaining our customers and maximising future opportunities.

It is certainly a challenge at the moment to keep contact with our customers,

  • Some companies have virtually closed
  • Key contacts are either furloughed or working from home
  • The regular contact we have through ongoing contracts or deliveries have also stopped.