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BCFA CPD Announcement – Edge Design New CPD

We are delighted to announce that Edge Design have received the new BCFA CPD accreditation. The seminar is titled “The Future of the Workplace and the way we Work”. To book this seminar, please contact Kim Findlay or call on 02072537277.

The BCFA will be hosting three one day BCFA CPD events next year, where up to five members with BCFA accredited CPDs will be able to present their CPDs to invited architects and designers. The BCFA will organise the venue and promotion of the event. Our events will be Glasgow in February, Manchester in June, and Birmingham in September. For more information about these events, or to find out more about our CPD accreditation, please email

Congratulations to Edge and we look forward to adding further members to the scheme. We currently have another 5 CPD seminars in the pipeline so look out for further announcements soon.

BCFA CPD is an opportunity for members to create educational material for their clients within the A&D community. It is a route to build relationships with your clients and to familiarise them with your skills as a company and ultimately supports your brand.