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BCFA CPD Announcement – Larson-Juhl UK New CPD

We are delighted to announce that Larson-Juhl UK have received the new BCFA CPD accreditation. The seminar is titled “An Insight into Framing”. To book this seminar, please contact Sales and Marketing Director, Matt George or call +44(0)7833 438414. 

“Our CPD is a digital presentation showing current interior design trends where framing has been at the core of the scheme.  We will inspire our audience to explore the many ways in which framing can be incorporated in to a contemporary, industry leading, interior scheme”.

Congratulations to Larson-Juhl UK and we look forward to adding further members to the scheme.

BCFA CPD is an opportunity for members to create educational material for their clients within the A&D community. It is a route to build relationships with your clients and to familiarise them with your skills as a company and ultimately supports your brand. For more information please contact our Membership Manager Anita Petersen,