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BCFA London BBQ and Networking Review 2022

The highly anticipated BCFA London BBQ took place last week on a glorious summer evening at the stunning grounds of the Royal College of Physicians, Regents Park. Guests started arriving early highlighting their anticipation for the event, which was followed by a very enthusiastic arrival of the remaining guests with everyone absolutely thrilled to return to this beautiful venue.

A gorgeous golden sunset beamed across the botanical garden, setting a magical scene for the relaxed evening ahead. Bemsha Swing made a welcome return and kicked off the night with some swing music to accompany the greetings and reception drinks.

As the BBQ food was served, guests settled down on the benches and blankets that were provided on the grass whilst they enjoyed their meals and shared a laugh. The food was delicious, ranging from teriyaki salmon skewers to coconut ice-cream, and was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.

BCFA were proud to host such an amazing evening in this spectacular setting and were delighted to see so many members and their guests there.

We are looking forward to our other events this year, particularly our Annual Luncheon on 3rd November at the Royal Lancaster - tickets having just been launched. We hope to see you all again soon.

Please have a look through the gallery of photos from the event below.