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BCFA Student Clinic Summary

On Tuesday 29th January representatives from five BCFA members together with specialist furniture industry recruitment consultant, Lynn Jones (Linkedin: drlynnjones-furniture) took part in the BCFA’s third student clinic at the Sheffield Institute of Art, at Sheffield Hallam University. The team held 121’s with 65 students from the SIA Product Design degree course, reviewing the students’  portfolios and looking at possible career moves. It was great to hear in Lynn Jones’ opening talk that students from the first clinic three years ago have now found design rioles with manufacturers in our sector.

Our thanks go to the BCFA members who took time out from busy schedules to spend the day with the SIA students:

Ross Dickson, Senior design Engineer with Astro Lighting

Riley Sanders, Senior Concept Designer with Astro Lighting

Louise Shaw, Senior Designer with Lugo Group Europe

Henry Gurney, Interior and Product Designer with Ocee Design

Mark Ibbotson, Product Designer with Gresham

Jason Brown, Director of Dsign & Development with Knightsbridge

We will be running the clinic at SIA again in 2020 and also looking to expand this to a second college so if you would like to get involved then please contact jeremy at