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Decca opens new London showroom

Located near Imperial Warf and Chelsea Harbour, Decca, a global manufacturer of luxury furniture for the residential, contract and hospitality markets, have moved into a brand-new London showroom, with an official launch of the showroom expected around Christmas.

The space is open plan and free flowing with a slightly industrial feel and natural Oak floor running throughout. Decca are currently focused on fitting the display pieces and the space itself but there is a new collection in the pipeline for Decca, stay tuned for more information in the following months.

The new showroom features a development space, which encompasses a bold pallet of colour, complete with high gloss turquoise meeting with slick brass inlay, paired with a very orange vintage looking birds eye maple on the sideboards and completed with a Terrazzo stone top. But there are also more understated finishes on offer, such a heavily sandblasted black Oak freestanding shelves that look almost charred.

Decca felt it important to acknowledge that most of their work is project based working in partnership with interior designers, therefore they wanted to create more of a studio work environment, with more attention paid to the new meeting area complete with comprehensive finish library. The space is seen as the engine room of development on every given project, resulting in the display of interesting and inspirational finishes to help facilitate the creative process, with the whole space being designed with that in mind.

‘After 14 happy years being based at the Design Centre Chelsea Harbour, this was a real opportunity to show our clients another side to Decca.’ says Mark Cox, Decca’s General Manager. ‘We recognised working practices in the industry are changing, so rather than just replicating a furniture showroom where the product takes precedence and the staffs are tucked out the way; we wanted to pay equal homage to the development process as being of equal importance to the final outcome itself.’

If you are in the area, do pop by and visit the new Decca showroom.

For more information or to contact Decca, click here