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Design Placement Students - Sheffield Hallam University

For an enthusiastic extra pair of hands, take on a placement student. Their energy, ideas and current knowledge could help you find creative solutions and new approaches. 

We encourage all our students to explore their potential, and we have the highest number of students enrolled on sandwich courses in Britain. 

What is a student placement?

As part of an undergraduate sandwich course, students studying art, design, creative media and communication subjects have the opportunity to undertake a period of professional work experience. 

  • Placements happen after the second year of a student's course
  • Students start to go on placement between June and September
  • Art and design and media arts and communication students have the option of completing shorter placements that will count towards their 24 week minimum placement requirement. This means you can recruit our students for both long-term and short-term placements, or to help with one-off projects
  • Although we recognise that payment for placement students will vary, we want our students to receive a fair wage for long-term placements and have sufficient funds to cover their fees and living costs. However, we would also be happy to discuss any short term work experience opportunities you may have.
  • Both your company and our students are supported by a university tutor, who will make contact at least once during the placement
  • We ask you to allocate a supervisor, to support students during their placement
  • Work must be relevant to the students studies and provide learning opportunities and challenges
  • We expect the student to be treated as any other employee 

What are the benefits to you and your company?

Our talented work placement students can make a fantastic contribution to your organisation. The energy and the freshness of a highly enthusiastic staff member can bring up to date ideas, perspectives and solutions to the work place. Employing a placement student can:

  • Extend your team without the commitment of a permanent contract
  • Contribute to projects you haven't had time or staff to work on
  • Bring the latest academic knowledge into your workplace
  • Many employers find it excellent opportunity to assess individuals for full time employment after the students graduate - a year long interview! 
  • Provide excellent value for money 

Access a wide range of skills

Having already completed two years of specialist study, students from the Faculty of Science, Technology and Arts have a broad range of skills and ideas to offer. 

Our students are IT literate and have experience of using application software and technical skills relevant to their discipline. 

Art and Design 

Students on our art and design courses which include Product and Furniture Design, Interior Design and Graphic Design, have excellent design skills, as well as being proficient in idea generation, presentation skills and working collaboratively on projects. 

Specialist skills include:

  • Advertising and Branding
  • Design theory and critical analysis
  • Drawing and Illustration
  • CAD Skills
  • Adobe (CC) Suite Skills
  • Web based Media
  • Model making and workshop skills
  • Subject specific making skills
  • Digital Publishing
  • Critical studies and visual analysis 
  • Product Materials and Manufacturing 

We would also be happy to discuss any ideas for projects you may have. We work closely with our academic departments, which means we can respond to the needs of industry with our in-house expertise and our well informed, career ready students. 

What are the benefits for our students?

Our students gain the relevant professional experience to develop and apply their knowledge gained so far at university. You can give them the opportunity to improve their personal skills such as teamwork, problem solving, decision making and initiative. 

They will also experience the industry culture and develop an awareness of opportunities which are open to them after they graduate. This along with professional experience gained gives them a competitive advantage in graduate recruitment. 


If you would like to take on a placement student, we can help you by:

  • Sending you blank templates for job descriptions, if required
  • Advertising your positions(s)
  • Collating the applications and sending them directly to you in one batch by the required closing date
  • Arranging interviews for you, including at the University 

Once you have selected the student you wish to place, we will inform the student and confirm any other details with yourselves. 

For more information, call 0114 225 6717 or email