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Inside Out: Planting the Sustainability Seed

The contract furniture industry could make a huge impact on our planet and one of the biggest issues it faces is the emissions that result in a big carbon footprint; importing and distributing furniture.

Inside Out are striving to take steps to lead on the sustainability path, from the smallest of details to the largest. The company is conscious of the hurdles they face concerning the environment and are working on putting several methods in place to thwart them.

The Ocean Chair made from fishing nets 

Inside Out's enthusiasm and drive for a cleaner planet is inspired by people in design becoming increasingly innovative with their sustainable products, and following their eco-friendly furniture range and other moves to be more ethical they have also come up with another initiative towards being more eco-friendly and ethical: collaborating with the charity Trees for Cities, who work towards creating healthier environments by planting trees in urban locations, and getting stuck in with local communities to cultivate lasting change.

Tio side chair crafted from a single material for ease of recycling

Trees for Cities have planted over 1 million trees since their commencement in 1993, and Inside Out aim to help them plant even more. They have launched the campaign #TakeaSeat, Plant a Tree, which is as simple as it sounds. When clients place an order, Inside Out will make a donation to the charity, which will result in more trees being planted around our cities which are in need of well-deserved TLC to create happier, healthier environments. All the contributions made with the help of clients will be documented and Trees for Cities will inform Inside Out of the areas that the donations are benefitting to see the direct impact being made.

They will be sharing the results of their progress throughout the project.

Inside Out are doing their bit for the environment in the best way they can, and are proud to be helping their clients do the same. They'd like to thank those of them who are also being equally as conscious and striving to make a difference. #TakeaSeat, Plant a Tree.

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