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Introducing The CPD Team

Specifiers, specifiers specifiers - BCFA members win business by being specified on projects. If a specifier knows about and is interested in your products and services, you are immediately ahead of the game.

Converting that awareness into sales is not a given and takes skill, professionalism and determination. However, if a specifier is not aware of your expertise or the design and specification support you can offer your company is approaching the market with one hand tied behind its’ back.

All specifiers need to undertake, in some form, CPD (Continuing Professional Development) training whether they are an Architect, Interior Architect, Interior Designer, M&E consultant or whatever discipline they are working in.

CPD is not initially a sales forum, it does give your company an opportunity to: -

  • Get in front of specifiers.
  • Show your ability to offer specification support, expertise, and professionalism.
  • Ensure you are the company they call when seeking products and services in your sector.
  • Build relationships

This is exactly why Kim Findlay & Steve Gull have set up The CPD Team and joined the BCFA as associate members.

We want to give BCFA members the very best chance to be specified and win business. We have both been involved in creating, presenting, marketing and booking CPD’s for many years. We can now use that expertise to help companies capitalise on the opportunity CPD offers

We could go on at length about the services we offer but the easiest and most direct way of doing that is to go to  or give us a call - Kim on 07973 828217 or Steve on 07798 708305.

We look forward to speaking to you soon and helping you win business in this expanding market.

Contact The CPD Team through BCFA Product Finder.