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Preevue and Race Furniture Announce Exciting New Partnership

Cutting Edge Technology and Seating Specialists combine to bring ground-breaking venture to the industry! 

Preevue and Race Furniture are delighted to announce a strategic partnership, bringing together Race’s decades of experience in theatre seating design and Preevue’s cutting-edge visualisation, venue scanning and sightline analysis technologies. While the two companies will remain separate, they will collaborate closely on future projects where skills and resources can be shared, with Preevue services being integrated into Race’s offering to new and existing clients.  

An image of Lucy Stokes, Managing Director of Race Furniture, and Ryan Metcalfe, Managing Director of Preevue

This partnership is a first-of-its-kind and will change the way venue’s design and plan their space with a more interactive, visual, economical, and forward-thinking approach.  

Lucy Stokes, Managing Director of Race Furniture commented: “I am thrilled to announce this key partnership between Race and Preevue. Race has over 75 years heritage within theatre and venue seating and continues to grow. We view this partnership with Preevue as a major step forward not only in Race’s evolution but the evolution of the entire industry - for the first time ever seating design, layout & manufacturing expertise will be combined with cutting edge technology in 3D Venue visualisation and sightline analysis. By utilising Preevue’s incredible technology our clients will be able to see and interact with their designs, including changing the rake, fabric colour and layout of the seats, live in front of them without leaving their offices or homes. This will allow for decision making and changes to layout & seat capacity to become instant & more cost efficient.  

This past year has highlighted a need for a much more remote based technology service, allowing the software to be utilised for multiple smart benefits including remotely, digitally & accurately viewing your entire venue and how maximizing capacity & therefore revenues is possible.  

Image from The Georgian Theatre visualisation – the first project to benefit from this partnership

Ryan Metcalfe, Managing Director of Preevue comments “I’m really excited to announce this strategic partnership between Preevue and Race, a company with such an illustrious history in theatre seating. I see this partnership as a great way to further streamline the efficiency of projects within the industry, bringing together Preevue’s visualisation and consultancy expertise with Race’s vast skillset in the planning, design, and installation of venue seating. The industry is rapidly moving further towards visualisation and working together to standardise the methods and files used is a great step.” 

The benefits of this new partnership include. 

A streamlined venue design process that will allow stakeholders to make quicker and more confident decisions.
Allows venues to make more revenue with optimised and cleverly designed spaces
maximising every inch of the venue.
100% remote - the entire process can be handled virtually from end-to-end.
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