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Review: CPD Workshop

BCFA members who had registered interest in the BCFA CPD accreditation programme were invited to participate in our BCFA CPD workshop at the Bisley showroom in London. Kim Findlay, National A&D Development Manager for Edge Design shared his wealth of experience developing and presenting CPD across a wide range of sectors.

Over the course of two hours, members were invited to think about how they can develop their own CPD material for accreditation and how to maximise the opportunity and engage with their target audience. They were told how our BCFA CPD accreditation would be publicised to interior designers, interior architects and specifiers – a much more targeted niche than other accreditation organisations.  Specific examples were given during the workshop on how to engage their particular target audience including the best way to present resources, statistics and imagery, as well as the use of film.

Kim Findlay spoke about how BCFA members can showcase their expertise to a wider range of influencers within a practice, utilising their knowledge to create a successful talk to not just specifiers but installers, facility managers, surveyors and buyers. 

For more information about our CPD accreditation, you can read more here, or contact