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R&S Robertson Rebrand and Launch New Website

BCFA Member R&S Robertson Ltd, a contract lighting company specialising in bespoke decorative lighting, announced a rebrand complete with visual identity and website. After 3 months of research and development, R&S Robertson have launched their new site with a clear outcome in mind – providing an aspirational and functional user experience for Interior Designers and Project Specifiers alike.

With the forced shift to home working last year it became apparent that the print and digital offering did not align with nor exude the inspiring creativeness their clients desired and executed within their own projects. The new branding and website have been uplifted to ensure they remain a valuable resource and supplier to existing and prospective business partners, as they look forward to the recovery of the Hospitality Industry and the wider Economy.

R&S Robertson worked with Glasgow-based developers Infinite Eye who were on hand to design and develop the new website, offering technical guidance and support to ensure the launch went smoothly.

New web features include a schedule-building tool (which allows the user to compile a shortlist and submit directly to the Sales Team for costing), as well as the hosting of their Edition 14 catalogue and latest brochure ‘New Collection 14.1’. A Specification Guide hub has also been added to the new website, granting users access to technical information and guides at a click of a button.