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BCFA/Design Insider Video Production Service

At the BCFA we have always strived to market our members in the best way possible and have found that video can be often the best medium to sell what our members do quickly and efficiently, and with us all being in such a visually interesting industry the two seem to coincide perfectly.

Therefore the BCFA have put together a new service for its membership, offering video production at a more affordable rate than the industry standard. Not only this, we also offer a place for your video to be showcased on our online magazine Design Insider. We can also offer advice on how to push your video to a wider audience through social media and the best practise for this.

Please see our Video Media Pack which has full details of our complete offering including the partnership we have agreed with Cube Video.

If you would like to organise a meeting or a call to go through all of this in more detail, then please contact Phoebe Train on 01494 896790 or email