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BCFA Brexit Risk Register and Checklist

The BCFA has produced a risk register and checklist to help BCFA members prepare for the different Brexit scenarios that could come into effect on the 29th March. The checklist has been circulated to members but if you did not receive a copy them please email

No Deal

In the event that the transition agreement is not approved the Government has published technical notices to help business prepare in the event of a no-deal scenario. These notices range from product labelling and regulations through to importing and exporting.  Here is the link to the notices themselves, which are available on the Gov.UK website.

Click here to download 'HM Government- Partner Pack: Preparing for changes at the UK border after a 'no deal' EU Exit'

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) are holding a series of EU Exit Business Readiness Forums. The British Furniture Confederation (BFC) attended and published reports on these forums.

Forum 1. 31st January 2019. Panellists: Donna Leong, Director EU Exit Business Readiness in BEIS; Penny Fox, Director of Communications and Partnerships (BEIS); Gavin Lambert, Director of Advanced Manufacturing & Services (BEIS); Rania Leontaridi, Director of Business Growth (BEIS) and Syma Cullasy-Aldridge, Head of Business and International Engagement (DEXEU). Click here to read full report.

Forum 2. 7 February 2019. Panellists: Donna Leong, Director of EU Exit Business Intelligence & Readiness, BEIS; Phil Bower, HMRC; Heather Lockley, VAT Stakeholder Engagement, HMRC; Kathryn Boyd, Deputy Director, Goods, Customs and the Border, BEIS. Click here to read full report. 

BCFA Implications of Brexit Seminar

The BCFA hosted an Implications of Brexit seminar with guest speakers from Fox Williams LLP. To read the full overview, click here. Or to watch the full seminar, please see below Part One and Two. 

Part One:- 
Stephen Sidkin, Partner, Head of Commerce and Technology, Fox Williams LLP, Solicitors covered the legal implications of Brexit on business contracts and what members should be doing now to prepare. Stephen is a founder partner of Fox Williams and specialises in advising on commercial agreements. He also established and leads Fox Williams' agentlaw team which advises clients from a multitude of industries on their agency and distribution contracts. 

Part Two:-
The second part of the seminar features Sacha Schoenfeld, Business Immigration Law Partner at Fox Williams LLP. Because the UK’s decision to leave the EU will inevitably cause a period of great uncertainty around immigration policy, Sacha advised clients to ensure they are ready to take advantage of the opportunities, mitigate risks, and have the processes and people in place to manage a period of uncertainty.

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