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Coaching - Helping Companies Deliver Growth

Andy Clayton – Founder & Lead Coach

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At Scale, we care about entrepreneurs, and their teams.

We’re a team of entrepreneurs who’ve grown and sold our companies using a specific toolkit. We work with several types of companies to help them deliver growth.

What Scale Delivers

Scale is best-in-class at helping medium-sized businesses deliver growth because they’re held up in a specific area of business. We’re driven by an obsession to be the best at what we do for our clients. Our process delivers on four specific objectives:

  1. Align - ‘Alignment’ is a process where the team share their perspectives and experiences and create one common direction. Scale will take you through a process to ensure there is alignment on important questions such as key target customers, strategic positioning, culture, and the future of the business.
  2. Execute - Once direction is agreed, it must be delivered. This requires the adoption of certain habits and disciplines that have been proven to work. With Scale Coach, we become your execution trainers and accountability partners.
  3. Engage - team engagement means the difference between a business that both feels good to work in and gets things done, and one that is frustrating and failing. Scale’s coaches facilitate you through exercises to deliver an operating system for the business that ensures engagement.
  4. Grow - Unlocking growth in a company is a complex art. A company is a complicated system where any element may be a choke point. According to The Theory of Constraints, a chain is no stronger than its weakest link, so finding the weakest link is key.

    A coach is an unbiased observer who helps you draw out where focus needs to be applied to create growth. Scale Coaches are all successful entrepreneurs who have gone through this process many times in their own companies and with others.

We work mainly with 4 types of clients:

- Group companies that require coordination of the complexity of strategy and planning across multiple entities

- Expert practitioners, who need to step out of frontline roles to focus on the business itself

 - Family businesses, where the core team need to stay aligned, and

- Late-stage entrepreneurs, who need their team to step up, so they can step back.

In 2020, at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, we delivered >40% increase in team engagement and alignment to our Members, and they averaged >19% profit growth, despite the worst recession in living memory.

Contact us to find out more about how we can help your business Scale Up.

We also have a number of free resources on our site to help you with your team development: