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COVID-19 Support

This area brings together all the BCFA’s COVID 19 related activities and support for members.

As we move toward a lifting or staged lifting of the lockdown the BCFA will continue to update daily our BCFA Covid Risk Register, which includes relevant BEIS business guidance and other virus-related business guidance. 

Our BCFA and Design Insider webinars provide insight and guidance on what steps BCFA members,  our partners and members’ clients should be taking to come out of lockdown in as best a state as possible and ready to take advantage of the opportunities that will be there. All the Design Insider and BCFA webinars have been recorded and accessible here.

The BCFA is working with its partners in the British Furniture Confederation ( to lobby the government to widen its financial support for our sector and to ensure that this support continues well beyond the lifting of the lockdown. The BFC has an All-Party Parliamentary Group of MPs who actively support our sector and details of this support will be included here. On the 30th April the APPG will be holding a committee meeting with 16 British furniture and furnishing manufacturers to examine the impact that the lockdown has had on these manufacturers and the results of this meeting will be sent to the Chancellor and  Business Secretary. A copy of the findings will be published here. 

The BCFA has also been working to inform the government of the impact of the lockdown through its contacts with civil servants in BEIS. BEIS have now asked us to provide more detailed information on the impact on BCFA manufacturers and we are hopeful that this could lead to further financial support. We are currently undertaking a detailed survey of the membership on the impact of lockdown and the survey is accessible here. The results of the survey will be sent to BEIS as part of this campaign and will also be published here after the summary has been sent to BEIS.

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