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Education and Skills

The Furniture and Interiors Educations, Skills Training Alliance is an organisation which aims to unite and inspire furniture and interiors businesses, and help the industry become a sector of choice within the UK by facilitating internationally recognised skills development.


Skills Plus is a FIESTA initiative in partnership with the Apprenticeship Management Group that will enable employers to attract, recruit and develop the skills of the next generation.

The HR Toolkit is brought to you by FIESTA, and is packed full of useful information and downloadable documents you can use to help maximise the contribution your people make to the success of your business.

The BCFA Student Clinics are a chance for BCFA members to review student portfolios and look at possible career options within the furniture and furnishing sector. The aim of the BCFA clinics is to ensure that the best product design students are encouraged and able to find employment within the furniture and furnishings sector. 


The BCFA host a number of workshops and seminars throughout the year, take a look back at some of the workshops we have hosted, and also the upcoming workshops and seminars we will be hosting during 2019.