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The 10 Simple Habits To Help Your Business Scale Up In 2021

A Rockefeller Habits Checklist workshop from Petra Coach Europe

A workshop designed to help companies set goals, get back to growth and align their teams as we head into 2021 – exclusive invite for the network of BCFA.

Event Detail

Friday 27th November 2020, 9am

After a turbulent 2020, Petra Coach Europe are offering the network of the BCFA access to their Rockefeller Habits Checklist Workshop which is the best framework to execute your company’s strategy. The simple set of habits that make up the checklist has already helped over 70,000 companies scale up while reducing the time needed to run the business — many of which scaled to $10million, $100million, and a few, to a billion and beyond. That’s the dream, isn’t it? 

The 10 habits that make this checklist have not changed for over 100 years since John D. Rockefeller implemented them in his business — the result of which made him the wealthiest man ever, even by today’s standards.

By taking part in the workshop, the Petra team will take you through the checklist, helping to identify which areas your business specifically is finding most challenging and then work with you to put strategies together to improve these areas. 

One attendee, David Ryan, who runs Xpertek Construction, a mid-sized construction company, based in Ottawa, Canada cites his 3x sale growth, and his 80% growth in profitability based on this method.

Once every quarter for the past 4 years, David and his team have committed themselves to improving one aspect of how their business is run, based on a simple checklist, called ’The Rockefeller Habits Checklist’. The checklist allows David and his team to score themselves on how well they’re running the company - the ‘operating system’ of the business - and to work on improving each component, one at a time.

This workshop will give you the opportunity to run this diagnosis and, most importantly, identify what you can work on next with the team to improve the management and performance of your business.

Join Petra Coach Europe Coaches James Summers and Antony Enright for a workshop on Rockefeller Habits Checklist in November where you will get the chance to run the checklist on your own business and come away with actionable insights on how to improve your score.

You’ll see for yourself why Petra Coach is the best methodology in the world for implementing the Rockefeller Habits, allowing companies to achieve:

  • Number one in chosen market / niche
  • >20% net profit margin
  • Founder free to focus on vision (be it personal or for the organisation) 

You will come away from the workshop with clear, actionable tasks for improving your business.

The standard price per participant is £350, however, during the coronavirus lockdown period, we are offering this event free of charge. 

Click here to register your free place: