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BCFA Workshop: Email Marketing- Improve your inbox deliverability, engagement and ROI

Venue and Timings

21 June 2018

9.30am till 5pm

Venue:  Interface Showroom, Clerkenwell, London

Buffet Lunch is included

Cost: £125 plus VAT

Email Marketing is still one of the most cost effective and powerful forms of digital marketing and often forms the basis of online marketing strategies, as it is inexpensive, reliable and the return on investment (ROI) can be very high. But it's getting harder and harder to capture the attention of subscribers and to engage them effectively without damaging your brand.

So, how do you stay ahead of the pack and improve your Email Marketing results? This new, Email Marketing training course, has been designed to help you make substantial improvements to your email marketing campaigns. You will learn all the crucial aspects of email marketing, from forming strategies, setting targets and objectives through to designing engaging content and improving deliverability.

This one-day in-depth course led by Andrew Lloyd Gordon will give you that 'Big Picture Overview' and a list of tips and ideas that you can use immediately.

Course Programme

Strategic overview

• Email Marketing - the pros and cons
• The Top 10 things you can do with email
• Permission and E-permission marketing
• Defining your goals
• E-marketing strategies
• Choosing your metrics
• Setting your budgets
• Case studies

Email marketing essentials

• Conducting a competitive analysis
• Matching yourself against industry benchmarks
• Legal essentials and regulations when broadcasting
• Choosing between Email Service Providers (ESPs)
• Planning and delivering email campaigns

Emailing for customer acquisition and retention

• Customer acquisition methods - on and offline
• Encouraging web visitors to subscribe
• Crafting effective registration processes
• Developing a touch strategy
• Customer retention strategies
• Choosing frequency schedules

Creating effective email campaigns

• Building trust with subscribers
• Developing engaging content
• Improving the value offering of your emails
• Planning for Viral and Social Media Marketing

HTML email design and technology

• Laying the foundations
• Branding your design
• Working with templates
• Choosing colours and fonts
• Designing for the preview pane
• Designing for 'Above the Fold'• 

Writing for email

• Developing tone of voice guidelines
• Improving scannability
• Writing on the Inverted Pyramid
• Short vs long copy
Thinking about subject lines and from fields

Email development

• HTML vs text emails
• Sending Multi-part MIME and other formats
• Email reader compatibility and testing
• Improving inbox deliverability
• Avoid looking like a spammer
• Improving list quality
• Removing non-responsive emails
• How to minimise unsubscribes and complaints

Campaign measurement and making on-going improvements

• Understanding conversion and performance metrics
• Tracking landing pages
• Reducing abandonment and bounce rates
• Structured approaches to testing
• A/B and Multivariate testing
• Analysing test results
• Case studies

You, the law and email in the Post GPDR landscape

• Understand the basics
• What you can and cannot do
• Where to go for more advice

The future of email marketing

• Social Media - the death of email?
• How email may change in the future
• New innovations, technology and use


Following this training course, you will understand how to:

• Effectively plan your email marketing campaigns
• Stay within the law when broadcasting emails
• Create a strategy to build segmented target lists
• Improve your inbox deliverability
• Interpret campaign metrics and make continuous improvements
• Create and test landing pages according to best practice guidelines
• Create HTML emails using best practice design and development guidelines
• Test your email HTML across different email readers
Plan for future developments and innovations in email marketing


This course is a non-technical email marketing aimed at delegates who have had some experience of email marketing but need to enhance their knowledge of email marketing strategy and the practicals of running an email marketing campaign.


The email marketing course is led by Andrew Lloyd Gordon who also delivered our highly successful Social Media Intermediate to Advanced Workshop. Andrew has huge experience in digital marketing, having worked in the industry for over 20 years. He is a highly experienced presenter, mentor, coach and trainer, advising many commercial and not-for-profit organisations on topics including email marketing, conversion rate optimisation and social media strategies.


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