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Business Innovation Workshop

"Give Your Customers What They Want and Charge Them What They’re Happy To Pay”

Innovation is your most important driver of growth. Your businesses needs to innovate in order to survive. Today, if you stand still, you’re going backwards.

Yet the truth is most companies are not great at bringing innovative products to market. The failure rate is shockingly high.

According to research, 72% of new products or services miss their revenue and profit goals -- or fail entirely. Most companies embark on the long and costly journey of product development hoping they'll make money but not knowing if they will.

But it doesn’t have to be this way…

By learning the science of innovation and drawing on lessons from thousands of real-world case studies, your business can become more creative, more innovative and more successful. And this new workshop from the BCFA will teach you and your team how.

This new Business Innovation and Creativity workshop presents a practical approach that can be adopted any business. By applying evidence-based theories, you’ll see your innovation strengths and weakness in a new light. This means you’ll be able to implement simple and tried-and-tested methods to design a straightforward innovation improvement plan.

Course Description

The uncertain world of business

  • The business imperative of Innovation
  • Winners and Losers – competing with current and new competitors
  • What is Innovation
  • Thinking big to understand your problem


    • Putting the Customer at the centre of attention
    • Who will use our Product?
    • Know and better understand your Customers
    • Meeting unmet needs


  • Assessing the marketplace today
  • Predicting the trends of tomorrow
  • Learning from market leaders
  • What other industries can teach us


  • Creating a culture of innovation
  • Building a creative team
  • Superstars or everyone?
  • How to motivate people to be innovative
  • Developing creative talent
  • Innovating your managers


  • Innovating by imitation
  • Innovation with no budget
  • Innovating when you feel like you are stuck
  • Innovating with clients and customers
  • Prototype, fail fast and refine
  • Pilot, adapt and invest
  • Take your ideas to market


  • Brainstorming? No thanks!
  • The Psychology of idea generation
  • Everyone a creative genius
  • Breaking patterns
  • Asking ‘What If?’
  • Creative thinking toolkit

Action Plans – bringing the workshop back to the business

Workshop Benefits

By the end of this workshop, you’ll understand:

  • How to develop your creative processes and frameworks
  • What an innovative organisation looks like
  • How to lead innovation in your business

And you’ll be able to:

  • Predict the future direction of your marketplace and industry
  • Analyse your competitors and their innovation
  • Generate lots of useful and creative ideas that turn into products and services customers crave

Intended Audience

This workshop is suitable for those in senior and middle-level leadership, managerial and supervisory positions. The workshop is ideal for those who have direct responsibility or involvement with design, innovation, production, operations, sales and customer care.

Course Material

All delegates receive all of the slides, workbooks and other supporting material. Post-course support, via email and telephone can also be provided if required. 

Timings & Location

Thursday 22nd October 2020

09.30am - 16.30pm (Lunch and all refreshments included)

Bisley, 32 Dallington Street, London, EC1V 0BB


Andrew Lloyd Gordon is a Marketing Psychologist, Consultant, Speaker and Google Academy Trainer. Andrew speaks regularly at conferences and events and is a guest lecturer at several universities and business schools including Cambridge, Warwick, Aston and Lancaster.


Tickets are £150 + VAT each.

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