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Tips for writing the perfect press release

We put together a guide with some top tips to help you construct the perfect press release, whether is be for your latest product or a latest project...

  1. Write an attention grabbing headline

This is the thing that is going to make the reader decide whether they are going to read on or just put this straight in the bin.

Make your headline clear, concise and compelling – Does your headline pass the SO WHAT? Test?

Your headline should be offering the reader something, whether it be a product, information/news or capture their curiosity.

  1. Be human and concise

Don’t give the reader a chance to get bored or confused – and get to the point quickly.

Write in the first person and refer to the readers as ‘you’ – this makes the writing relatable. Try to avoid flowering up your language too much and be factual. Write as you would talk to someone, no one wants to read robotic or over-the-top copy.

  1. Make sure your story is actually newsworthy

You need to appreciate that nobody is quite as interested in your company as you are but that being said as long as you are sending it to the right audience, it should be of interest.

Make sure there is something unique and quirky about your story. Sometimes, it works to be slightly gimmicky!

  1. Include quotes

Quote provide the reader with insight and offer some expertise around the subject.

Everyone loves a unique scoop, so if you offer the opportunity for a journalist to get their own quote – even better!

  1. Include your contact information

Make it easy for them to contact you so they can get any extra information they may need.

  1. Include images

Most publications will want high-res images so the best way to do this is to have a link to a dropbox (or similar) or mentioning that they are available on request.

However, the inclusion of 2/3 low-res images (so not to clog up their inbox) is advised so the reader can get a visual idea of what the story is about.

  1. Follow-up if you get no response

You should follow up your press-release if you get no response. However there are a few rules to remember with this.

  • Give them at least a week before prompting them
  • Don’t over do it – one follow up is enough
  • Be polite and ask if they need any help to make the feature a reality. Worst comes to worst, they ignore it. 

If you have any further questions about writing press releases, or to get involved with Design Insider live contact