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Our benefit partners provide a range of services for our members ranging from substantial cost savings to advice and support on key issues when required.

Several members have saved  many thousands of pounds utilising these partners. Click here to view an example, where BCFA member Gresham saved £52,000 in just one category through the BCFA buying group.

 BCFA Benefit Partners Suppliers

RHG 1211

Commerical Insurance Services

Punter 1211

Healthcare & Travel Insurance

Peninsula New 1211

HR and Health and Safety Services


Global 1211

Foreign Exchange Specialists 


Buying 12111

Overheads Savings Guarantee

IOE 23

 Advice guidance and education


Blandy and Blandy 12111

Legal Services


ACID 12111

Anti Copying in Design

glen 1211

Contruction Contract Leads


Conciliation Service


Standards and Regulation Advice